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War with the Necromancers 2 Encounters & Wonders
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probably don't need A-Z necromancer lairs or carousing with necromancers  

So as usual for opening of the war encounters and wonders start off simpler allowing you to use a d10 or d20 in the opening phase before things go to hell. If night time a issue replace undead with light tolerant variety or use weather such as dark clouds or fog which only adds to the effect.

d100 Necromancer War Encounters
01 Crying child who wont say where they have come from only everybody dead and walking
02 Fleeing villagers declaring it is the end of the world and begging for food
03 Inquisitor and militia investigating some undead in a village graveyard
04 A undead hand crawling on the road
05 A rambling old hermit wont get out your way is really a zombie
06 Black robed students carrying worldly goods in sacks in high spirits due to a secret
07 Student on road looking for his master carrying a blasphemous forbidden book
08 Sheriff and a mob looking for grave robbers in area searching waggons
09 Sickly traveller exhibits necro mutations but is trying to hide it
10 Man on way to report walking dead seen to magistrate or sherrif

11 Waggon of robed labourers pulling cart ladened with coffins (cultists or zombies?)
12 Peasants carrying body to a bigger holier graveyard where undead don't prowl

13 Cultists with barrows and shovels plus d6 potions that raise zombies
14 Shambling 4d6 peasant zombies on the road chase at any living they see
15 Old person dragging wrapped dead partner on muddy sled, corpse starts to move
16 Crazy woman with zombie baby fleeing intolerant village
17 Mob wants to burn old necromancer for talking to undead spirits
18 Militia guarding a pit full of corpses with lime on top concerned might arise
19 Zombie parents chasing their living children who are afraid but don't want to be alone
20 Villagers have caught a apprentice necromancer cultist and plan to burn him
21 Waggon load of bodies off to be burned with militia guards
22 Skeleton soldiers march down road d4x10 march in unison but will chase living
23 Necromancer apprentice with ten skeletons holding up travelers for anything he fancies
24 An undead ogre with a leather mask and a axe roaming road for food
25 Headless zombie staggering on road but can only vaguely sense living
26 Ghouls howling in the distance if night you might see some in the distance
27 Robed travellers reveal themselves to be ghouls once close, led by a ghast
28 Lady necromancer with her ghoul cultists threatening travellers for money
29 Fresh acolyte priests from the seminary marching out to face undead for first time
30 Templar war priests on horse back fresh from fighting undead now needing rest
31 Inquisitor and crusaders searching travellers for taint of necro mutations or undeath
32 Zombie bugbears d12 wandering in a pack looking for food
33 Spectral minion soldiers on march to relive a peasant massacre they committed long ago
34 Spectral minion knight on horse back attacks travellers passing a landmark
35 Necromancer with cult and zombies is digging up a graveyard and making more undead
36 Soldiers on the march when you get closer you see they are zombies
37 Paladin seeking aid to kill a necromancer in a local crypt making undead
38 Dozens of skeletal animals rise from the woods and swarm to attack
39 A necromancer apprentice offering to sell cursed relics useful in these troubled times
40 Skeleton cavalry gallop on the road charge anyone visible
41 Skeleton archers in defencive position holding road up ahead
42 Dark lone rider, a wight on a zombie horse scouting for forces of evil 
43 Wight and a d6 half strength thralls await to ambush on the road ahead
44 Shadows from among the trees step out to block the road
45 Badly smelling decrepit monks carrying a cauldron of evil liquid for some foul purpose
46 Family of cannibal cave killers becoming ghouls, out to murder to celebrate
47 Chaos templars on horse seek to stop anyone acting against the undead cause
48 Skeletons driving undead ox funeral waggon carrying skeleton archers
49 Skeleton apprentice with soldier skeletons inspecting travellers for anti undead activity
50 Lady necromancer and her troop of zombie lovers marching to habited areas
51 Necromancer commanding a mighty skeleton warrior to lead his skeleton swordsmen
52 Sons of kyuss shambling down the road though mist, their glowing worms visible
53 Coffer corpses scattered on road by waggon of spilled coffins, will leap to attack
54 Necromancer orc priestess with her juju zombies out for a feed
55 Hecuva polymorphed into handsome young clergy to get close
56 Zombie knights plodding sadly down road, with slowly chase people to kill
57 Zombies loading a waggon with people they have killed so far today on road
58 Ghouls and ghasts screaming chasing commoners
59 Shroud wearing corpses by overturned waggon on the road are sheet ghouls
60 Corpses scattered on road arise as shee ghouls led by sheet phantom creator
61 Wraith squirming black smokey horror that should not be moving to civilization
62 Wraith leading d6 wights warriors in service to a dark power 
63 Lone mummy limping down road trailing bandages
64 Mummy leading skeletons with spear, sword and bow
65 Mummy in chariot with skeleton driver, horses and sword skeleton escorts
66 Vampire cultists led by a thrall (with them if night) looking for food for the master
67 Village mob hunting a invisible killer who must be hiding in area (eastern vampire)
68 Wolves in service to vampire on the prowl, if night it will be not far behind and hungry
69 Shadow mastiffs hunting a local youth with basket of food for grandma
70 Shadow demon leading shadows exhorts the to attack and leave none living
71 Villager possessed by a haunt tries to direct travellers into undead army near by
72 Apparition holding the road driving away travellers
73 White haired corpses by roadside, by night a banshee holds the path
74 Zombie travellers wander road untill see food, by night their spectre master is with them
75 Agent of nobles possessed by ghost delivering false information
76 Spirit who was murdered under a tree is in human form seeking a lover 
77 Spirit tries to scare people off the road to keep them from meeting worse horrors ahead
78 Spirit in form of a priest warns travellers but will point out location of relic to adventurers
79 Dark elf leading zombies demands humans hurry up and die already
80 Spirit in form of old woman tells you where vampire coffins can be found
81 Necromancer master with a hundred HD of skeletons, zombies and other undead 
82 Necromancer apprentices and cultists transporting waggon of corpse parts
83 Horde of cannibals necro mutant cultists finally can stop hiding and just start killing
84 Gang of chaos goatmen cultists of Orcus, many have mutations
85 Necromancer master with chaos goatmen and zombie servants
86 Vulture men eating human corpses by roadside, one is a necromancer
87 Pit full of squirming undead body parts (see petty undead) cultists throw in vctims
88 Undead wolves rampaging over area killing all, chase rabbit towards party
89 Zombie cavemen rock throwers riding a zombie mammoth rampaging down road
90 Skeleton army on the move with siege weapons bound for a town 
91 Apprentice skeleton wizards with skeleton guards have barricaded road with bone wall
92 Insane flesh golem killing and dismembering travellers to see how they work
93 Evil high priest of death god riding nightmare with cultists, zombies and demons
94 Evil high priest of plague god with army of plague monks, ratmen and rotting zombies
95 Master necromancer leading army of skeletons, zombies, cultists and a collossus
96 Master necromancer with army of goatmen, necro mutants and death cultists
97 Vampire army on move by night but guarded by zombies by day when they camp
98 Mummy king wizard leading army of ancient skeletons
99 Night Hag leading army of shadows, wights and zombies with her dark elf son
100 Lich leading huge army of mixed undead, cultists and necromancers

d100 Necromancer War Wonders
01 A putrid miasma of stinking mist covers the area for a few miles worrying everyone
02 Priest caring for victims of a new sickness spreading across the land
03 Man selling dog that hates zombies because it wont shut up now
04 Empty old coffins dumped by side of the road
05 Posters warning grave robbery now punishable by death
06 Preacher warns end of the world in nigh, donations accepted
07 Graves on the side of the road have been dug up by someone and bodies gone
08 Peasants burning some bodies a break from common custom for burial
09 See hands burst from roadside grave as a zombie is born
 Hear bells ringing and smoke from mass burnings of the dead
11 Villagers and priest digging up reputed necromancer to burn before he arises
12 Militia searching for suspected cannibal killers in area
13 Evil priest inviting travellers to worship orcus prince of the dead who will spare us
14 Flagellants whipping selves invite you to join them in stopping the gods punishment
15 Galloping merchant on horse goes by, "flee the end of the world is coming"
16 Robed old traveller offers to help you speak to long lost dead spirits of loved ones
17 Necro mutated parents trying to give away their children before they eat them
18 Cultists can be heard chanting, if investigated necromancer is raising undead
19 Sobbing priest praying over ash heaps that used to be his congregation
20 Skeletons led by necromancer tearing apart old chapel searching for necromantic relic
21 Apprentice necromancer offers his selection of zombie women for a low low price
22 Cultists preaching time to wake up and accept the new age of death
23 Skeletons building siege weapons and equipment from giant bones and sinew
24 Man selling fake holy water from local creek, claims it is best from a famous temple
25 Man selling holy symbols, garlic, silver daggers, mirrors and various charms
26 Huge cloud of bats darken the skies
27 Huge cloud of flies swarm over country side
28 Mosquitoes in thousands mostly anoying but spread disease
29 Ravens picking meat from gibbets in the trees
30 Heads of bandits on poles have become undead and mostly look confused
31 Gibbets hanging in trees with corpses of bandits have become zombies but cant escape 
32 Villagers with beautiful young girl debating if they should just give her to the vampire
33 Villagers digging up and beheading and staking corpses supervised by inquisitor
34 Villagers driven from homes due to poltergeists
35 Priest and a mob staking a vampire they have just dug up and getting a fire ready
36 Several distraught newly changed necro mutants alarmed the mob will kill them
37 Vultures swarming over area in numbers never seen before
38 Fox running with a twitching zombie hand
39 A devil in disguise hands over a map indicating lost holy relics used to fight undead
40 Pile of burning corpses in a pit unattended
41 Cultists with waggon moving a un animated flesh golem for their master
42 An old barrow grave by roadside looks freshly disturbed possibly wights inside
43 Viking warrior mercenaries burning some corpses and dividing up treasure
44 Druid leading a congregation promises powers of nature will triumph
45 Druid and priest arguing in front of villagers on which faith will save us in time of need
46 Bandits come peacefully asking if you know any safe place they can go
47 Druid exhorting followers to shed clothing and run wild and free in the woods
48 Priest preaching undead atracted to vile thoughts and wicked desires
49 Zombie eating a dead horse cant be bothered to stop
50 Remains of huge flesh colossus surrounded by scaffolding captured by confused mob
51 A distant colossus eating whole animals and people
52 Hundreds in payed begging gods to seal the underworld and forgive mortals of sin
53 Necromancer cultist preaching servitude and the rewards of eternal undeath
54 Remains of battlefield with cultists collecting corpses to be reanimated
55 Old roadside tomb sealed door freshly opened
56 Hundreds of screaming fleeing peasants bemoan the march of death
57 Cultists building a great effigy of orcus or same other god or demon
58 Shrines to orcus or same other god or demon found increasingly frequently
59 Necromancer cultist offers people chance to peacefully join us now or die horribly later
60 Hundreds of marching spectral minions on way to relive attack on a city centuries ago
61 Thousands of zombies in grid holding up arms used as computational device by cult 
62 Wall of bone blocks the road made with a spell
63 Wall of twitching undead flesh and gore blocks the road made with a spell
64 Line of zombies with linked arms blocks the road
65 Zombies forming a pontoon bridge for mummy chariots to cross river
66 Zombie farmers working the fields directed by a newly converted living cultist
67 Tower formed with undead skeletons the overnight camp of necromancer master
68 Dug up old crypt with piles of bones being sorted where bone golems were created
69 A skeleton bird trying to fly and hopping about sadly
70 Undead giant vultures carrying skeleton wizards fly by
71 Cultists of worm god promises their god will devour the dead if only other gods forgotten
72 Necromancer cultist telling farmers how with zombie labour they will never work again
73 A dog following zombie master looks sad
74 Horde of zombie children being led by cultist to be labourers in masters lands 
75 Skeletons with scythes cutting fields with happy cult farmer watching 
76 Goblins spit roasting zombie, they like the way they squirm when you eats em
77 Priest telling ghouls they should fight against the necromancers 
78 Draconic lich ridden by lich flies through sky or a skeleton wizard on a wyvern zombie?
79 Ghouls feasting after a battle on both sides remains
80 Devil cultist preaching if you sell your souls hell will save you from the unlawful dead
81 Necromancers and cultists assembling a great flesh colossus ready to be animated
82 Robed men pouring strange potion into a water source for some probably bad reason
83 Hundreds of burning skulls fly overhead
84 Necromancer with cultists using a colossus to dig up an ancient graveyard
85 A necromancer envoy weeting elementalist wizards to convince them to join the dead
86 A necromancy cultist convening over a mortal and undead marriage
87 A cultist teaching sobbing man that with study he can raise his family as zombies
88 Miserable necro mutant outcaste camp listening to a cultist declare they are blessed
89 Inquisitors have rounded up necro mutants in cages ready to be burned
90 Inquisitors have rounded up local accused cultists with a mob and plan to burn them
91 Headless phantom on horseback rides down road, his ghost horse screaming
92 Glowing phantom stands in road menacing travellers but mostly scary
93 Cultists with necro mutant war hounds hunting for escaped children
94 Sky darkened by storm clouds making it dark enough for many undead
95 Cultists chanting for favourable weather like storms, heavy cloud or fog
96 The whole damned kingdom smells of rotting corpses
97 Giant eating squirming zombies he likes cos they don't run fast an they is stupid
98 Man chopping up a corpse and feeding to dogs just in case
99 The moon seems to look more like a skull than normal
100 Visage of demon or evil god seen in sky as night sets seen across the land

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War with the Necromancers 1 Causes & Forces

When the dead and necromancers wage war you are in trouble. Once after the monster empire human necromancers used stolen lore to conquer all enthralling humanity in a thousand years of slavery. Necromancers want this age back. Various evils and undead can be united in death but have slightly different goals that might cause divisions if too many humans killed. Some undead out to destroy man jealous of life. Some want human to be slaves or food and they require some humans are spared. Some require human bodies to create them but they don't usually care too much. Some types serve specific gods. Some have own idea of what victory will look like. Some are just opportunists using the havok to spread and act in the open.

Spirits can be good or evil or both but the opening of the underworld has spirits more active. Some spirits are spiteful or mean or seek some injustice resolved or to find a lover (often ends badly) or ure people to their deaths. Other spirits aid humans, protecting, warning or informing them. Most non bitter spirits have become serene and close to nature or artworks or buildings and don't wish to see change. Spirit cult revivals may well be reborn and shaman will re emerge as a force.

The undead fight among themselves as time goes on and the humans also have problems. Fanatics might blame commoners or want permanent change to social structure. Some expect their church to be leaders. Some wish to preserve traditional powers. Some look for humans to blame for the troubles. As humanity crumbles humans may come into conflict. The traditional churches and aristocracy will have a difficult time to return to the good old days after the blight.

d10 What Started war?

1 Adventurers awoke ancient lord of the dead
2 Cult revived a slumbering lord of the dead
3 Evil god  has opened the gates of the underworld
4 Cult has been planning this for aeons
5 Necromancer school project took on a life of its own
6 Adventurer found a ancient relic reviving one of the lich kings
7 Undead have decided to round up humanity now for farming
8 Ambitious necromancer recovered a lost kill spell that can end a kingdom
9 Someone opened the gates to the netherworld releasing necromancer kings of old
10 Corrupt noble made a pact with evil that went terribly wrong

d10 Objectives of invaders?

1 Turn everyone into living dead
2 Farm humans for souls and blood
3 Establish an eternal empire
4 Drain enough souls to call death to the mortal world
5 Make necromancers no1
6 Destroy churches that fight the undead
7 Turn humans to the worship of death
8 Bring eternal peace and a end of all conflict
9 End the world, just get it over with
10 Use all the undead as switches in a global magical computation device

d10 What ends war?
1 Underworld resealed
2 Other supernatural forces aid life (dragons, elves, etc)
3 Gods manage to call on mighty heroes
4 Humanity rallies and church attendance soars
5 Attempt to destroy the world fails, undead return to slumber 
6 Key undead leaders killed
7 Factions within the evil empire fragment
8 Gods intervene with 24 hours of sunlight
9 A holy crusade gathers and drives back evil again
10 Lack of fresh bodies and food, many undead return to sleep

d10 Factions of undead
1 Vampire faction want humans definitely spared with undead nobility
2 Mummy faction want mighty monuments to glorify their accent to next world
3 Necromancers want some humans to terrorise otherwise whats the point
4 Ghouls want to eat everyone but admit humans ought not to be wiped out
5 Non corporeal spirits just don't care about life and the living
6 Non corporeal spirits angry descendants stopped leaving offerings and respect
7 Evil priests of the death gods seek a empire revearing their own patron above all
8 Lich lords are sick of humankind and want them all made undead
9 Army of wights serving evil death knight lords judge all mortals must die in the crusade on life
10 A shadow demon lord wants his shadow minions to drain all life and energy in eternal night

d10 Factions of Humans

1 Secular humans interested in life and profit making want undead stopped by free men
2 Church has emerged as leaders bringing crusaders, templars and other specialists to the war
3 Zealous paladins are scourge of evil but also blame sinners and wickedness of humans for blight
4 Inquisition has been raising fanatic orders of warriors against evil and burn anyone not on board
5 Nobility want to establish old order but are wary of church or commoners grab for power
6 Rural folk have called on old ways including druids and worship of forest beings and nature
7 Coalition of priests, wizards and warriors of all classes only want to focus of fighting the dead
8 Mob are in a panic and will either attack with fire or flee hysterically no longer trusting order
10 Grim organised resistance led by fanatic monster hunters who blame educated and nobililty

d10 What about the Plague?

1 Sent to kill humankind and allows lots of corpses to be obtained quickly for armies
2 Actually causes undead infecting the living turns them undead if not buried on hallowed ground
3 Side effect of certain undead have brought from the grave with them
4 Spread by cults in advance to weaken resolve of humanity and destroy morale
5 Sent by a evil god or demon to aid the war
6 Released from a artifact in hands of evil as a weapon
7 Plague kills too efficiently leaving no food for certain undead or means of reproduction
8 Spread by unclean spirits to end civilization 
8 Necromancers are just as fearful of the plague and send undead to contaminated places
10 It is mostly exaggeration, most of the deaths are caused by undead and blamed on disease

Forces of the war

Humans - defenders
Mob - irregular horde of angry peasants with tools and flaming torches but with low morale
Templar Knights - orders of clerical warriors har formed to fight undeath
Crusader Knights - devout fanatic warriors less prone to fear vs unholy enemies
Paladins - holy elite knights with priestly powers
Flagellants - fanatic warriors with flails who whipthemselves into a frenzy
Inquisitors - holy order dedicated to hunting and exterminating hidden evil like undead, cults, witches

Human NecromancersPlague Monks - monk orders who spread plague via siege weapons, braziers and potions
Death Monks - fighting order of evil robed monks helping bring about eternal age of silence
Necro Mutant Cultists - suffering undead symptoms have joined the new order
Evil Templars - orders serving evil gods and demons in mockery to holy templars
Necromancer Cultists - are fanatic irregular soldier mobs hoping to become immortal
Necromancer Apprentices - organised apprentices used as artillery, siege war and undead making
Necromancer Masters - powerful wizards who are not ready to become liches but are great leaders

Skeletons - destroy the living
Spearmen - phalanx with shield and spear in the ancient style
Swordsmen - warriors with sheilds and shortswords
Archers - with shortbows
Cavalry - riding skeleton horses with armour, lances and sheilds
War Waggons - waggon pulled by undead oxen carrying archers and spellcasters
Revenant - vengeful unstoppable spirit of vengeance avenging own death and failed fanatic goals
Skeleton Animal - farm and woodland animals of medium size swarm onto battlefields
Skeleton Warrior - powerful skeleton heroes bound to rings often reluctant to serve
Skeleton Mage - apprentices turned into skeletons by lich masters usually 4th lv
Liches - great magicians who have become immortal skeletal undead

Mummies - seek to restore former glory and build monuments
Mummified Warriors - warrior mummy noblemen of ancient tombs
Sons of Kyuss - maggot infested priest mummified kings
Mummified Magicians - mummified magicians who can still use magic
Mummified Chariots - skeletal chariot teams led by a mummy
Pharaoh Mummy in chariot with great semi divine magic powers

Zombies - generally controlled by smarter leader
Zombie horde irregular mostly with peasant tools
Zombie warriors regular former military with equipment
Coffer Corpse - immune to normal weapons, pretend to be wounded then cause fear
JuJu Zombies - stronger faster more cunning elite zombies
Zombie monsters - irregular made up of various animals and dead monsters
Zombie Knights - regular cavalry but not very fast

Golems - made by necromancers
Bone Golems - four armed powerful swordsmen
Flesh Golem - made from a mass of corpse parts and reanimated
Colossus - gigantic flesh construct giant usually 20-50 HD

Ghouls - devour the dead
Ghouls - basic type of corpse eater mostly live in secret but now active
Ghast - stronger ghouls with horrible stench
Ghoul King - ghoul leader with magical powers including polymorph into human

Sheets - opportunists looking to procreate
Sheet Phantom - spirit can smother a dead human turning them into sheet ghouls,
Sheet Ghoul - servants of sheet phantoms who aid them getting more victims

Vampires - feed from and enthrall human cattleThrall vampires - weaker less independent and bound to will of creator may act in units, half power
Western Vampires - often noble leaders often have own factions and covens seeking power
Eastern Vampires - invisible vampires that prey on men in secret less prone to groups
Penanggalan - horrible gore trailing heads who re attach to own body to hide among humans

Death lords - former warriors and nobility interested in revenge against the living
Thrall Wight - half strength wights under control of creators often in fighting forces
Wights - act in small bands or disciplined armies commanding thralls
Death Knight - often act as lone leaders or elites

Darkness - seek to devour the living till nothing left, serving evil powers of entropy and chaos
Shadows - life draining irregular hungry hordes
Wraith - warriors bound to evil and whose bodies have crumbled to nothing after aeons of service
Shadow Mastiff - great hounds from the dark dimension
Shadow Demon - great beings rulers from the dark dimension

Non Corporeal - unrested spirits often angry at the living
Poltergeist - petty disturbed spirit often arise with greats spiritual disturbances
Phantom - non aware echo of past person can cause fear and bound to location
Spectral Minion - often ancient armies called on by a leader might fight for eirther side
Huecuva -spirits of the plague that can change shape to deceive humans
Haunt - spirits able to possess victim to fulfill their missions often serving lords of death as spies
Apparition - phantom life stealing spirits
Banshee - screaming female spirit that kills the living
Spectre - bitter leader undead who devour souls
Ghost - powerful spirits also capable of possession and aging victims

Spirits - non corporeal entities might have once lived but now lesser divinities
Remains of a person bound in location like a tree or mountain or artwork or idol or painting or book
Act as a minor divinity very knowledgeable about area and past, damaging source harms them
Spirits have awoken to aid and harm humankind in the war with cause more trouble
Can be kind or evil or have unfinished quest to rest and may change or learn in time
Least Spirit - 1HD manifest as small animal, faerie a blowing scarf or a light, not very bright
Lesser Spirit - 2-7HD may appear as mortal or animal and even take lovers
Greater Spirit - 8-15HD appear mortal but more godlike, unlikely to stay with a human

Other Entities

Night Hags - enjoy suffering of undeath and often teachers of black magic or mothers of monsters
Nightmares - steeds for evil beings
Elementals are used by necromancers but with a twist to keep elementalist cults enthralled
-Fire made from funeral pyre full of burned human remains
-Earth made from graves with crumbled headstones and rotting burst coffins
-Air made from desiccated mummified corpses and dust made of skin flakes
-Water made from bog water with rotten corpses mixed in
Some demons and devils are linked to undnead and may manifest or send minions
Devils actually prefer dead locked up in torment so might help man for a price
Demons come in many factions so some will be all for this
Dark Elves use necromancy and might get involved with goblin and orc slaves
Chaos beastmen often serve demons or necromancers
Goatmen of orcus for example possibly with necro mutations
Ratmen serve plague gods quite often
Orcs might serve necromancers, other monsters might just come for the food
Some dragons might use necromancy or become draconic liches
Lizard men vampires are a thing too - could include demi humans also

I've done necro mutations before which might complicate matters - undead could be a disease or a condition spread. Cultists and chaos beastmen might develop signs of undeath through their patron god or demon. A zombie variant might raise those killed as zombies. Variant undead will become more common, each necromancer will have own type.

Part 2

d100 Encounters - Combat encounters on the road or countryside during the war
d100 Wonders - spectacles and events but not necessarily combat
Part 3

d100 Gossip - to cover wild stories of atrocities, failure and propaganda
d100 Loot - particular goods flooding the market during the invasion

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D100 Weird Dungeon Idols

Idols are common in dungeons and often dedicated to obscure cults unfamiliar to adventurers. Occasionally you even find a good one sealed away or used as a trap or semi defiled by evil. Just roll the d100 and ose d10s to fill out detain or just roll d10s to create something. Why didn't I do this years ago? 5% might not seem like much of a chance for a miracle but thats better than some realities get.

d10 Quick Idol Type
01 Ancestral god or spirit  - the great ancestor watches all anf judges you all
02 Elemental being - brings power from other dimension
03 Monster or evil god - one of the great evil powers of the world
04 Obscure strange cult - strange cult little known about purpose
05 Dungeon spirit cult - dungeon is alive and demands sacrifices
06 Monster Hero or evil saint - a past evil doer is revered as a hero
07 Beast Spirit Cult - evil version of a animal cult
08 Diabolic - lawful evil idol dedicated to devils of hell
09 Demonic - chaotic evil idol dedicated to demons of the abyss
 Great Old Ones - dedicated to pre human elder horrors

d10 Decoration
01 Gem Eyes
02 Leaf gold or silver
03 Anointed with oils or blood
04 Wrapped in cloth as if clothing
05 Wears a crown or necklace
06 Sits on pile of skulls
07 Creature skin draped over like cape
08 Lit candle or stove or lamp before it
09 Carpet with exotic mythical patterns
10 Painted or made up

d10 Accompanying Artworks

01 Mural on walls depicting mythology

02 Tapestry depicting patterns and mythology
03 Candelabra of exotic design
04 Braziers burning strange scented offerings
05 Book or tablet of stone before idol
06 Tiny statuettes or dolls arranged before it
07 Musical Instrument used in ceramonies
08 Ornamental bowl with oil, booze, unholy water or blood
09 Weapon or tool in rack often used for ceremonies
Small separate altar for sacrifices

d10 Popular Sacrifices or Offerings
01 Incense or essential oils
02 Meat or guts
03 Blood or rendered body fat
04 Food items or drugs or booze
05 Hearts or Bbrains
06 Coins or semiprecious stones
07 Skulls or bones
08 Small animals
09 Humanoid Corpses
10 Weapons

d10 Idol Security
01 Fake treasure cursed or poison
02 Trap or alarm activated when offering touched
03 Curse spell on any who touch it
04 Fear or Confusion spell on any who touch it
05 Magic mouth scolds anyone touching it disrespectfully 
06 Illusion Spell guards it tries to scare away intruders
07 Magical damage spell guards it
08 Monster Guards it
09 Evil Priest or shaman or cult hero guards it
 Protective spirit guards it possibly animating it

d10 Magical Powers
01 Heals supplicant if sacrificed to
02 Blesses supplicant usually before battle for sacrifice
03 Causes weird dreams if slept near
04 Aids in communion with dead if corpse lain before it
05 Grants a petty minor mutation once
06 Used for simple Y/N divination for sacrifice
07 Makes Warriors who sacrifice go beserk during next battle
08 Protection from Good for sacrifice or other alignment for sacrifice
09 Purifies or Creates food or drink if sacrificed too
10 Creates a skeleton or zombie or petty undead if sacrificed to

D10 Idol enjoys

1 Acts of sadism and torture
2 Lewd dancing
3 Sexual performances

4 Sacrificial murder
5 Chanting or singing for hours
6 Offerings left for it
7 Acts of betrayal or injustice
8 Unspeakable oaths to perform vile acts
9 Humiliation of slave or prisoner
10 Self mutilation

d100 Weird Dungeon Idols
01 Crude idol of rat god with 2000cp arranged in in neat pile before it
02 Squat gjade idol curses any who touch with jealousy and paranoia
03 Vampire ancestor idol worshipped out of fear of the dead
04 Squid demon in green stone that causes nightmares 
05 Death cult idol used to speak with sacrificial victims for information
06 Bat idol to attract bats to area some but some specialize in vampire bats
07 Insect god used to attract food or vermin to area
08 Fungus god idol attracts fungal blooms and mould to area
09 Jewelled eye demon curses any who steal gem with impotency
10 Gilded six armed snake demon emits narcotic vapours if dance before it

11 Idol to Xor the flesh god rewards devotion with chunks of bloody fresh meat
12 Scorpion idol if set off will grasp victim and sting if treasure touched

13 Dog idol will heal wounds if food offerings left for the dog goddess
14 Spider idol can call swarm of spiders if non believers touch
15 Dungeon Spirit idol will reset local traps if given offerings
16 Crystal ball idol with show horrible false visions of future
17 Dungeon pie shrine contains one magic pie sent by the dungeon god
18 Black lotus demon idol if lit emits narcotic vapours that cause dreams
19 Swine idol improves fertility if sex act performed in front of it
20 Demon idol will reward you with vision of desire if you sacrifice an eye to it
21 Worm god idol will brand forehead of defiler with rune visible to goblinoids
22 Succubi idol 5% summon a succubi if masturbated in front of it (or incubi)
23 Satyr idol if given wine all worshiping will feel drunk for an hour
24 Sphynx Idol if gems crushed for it will answer a y/n question
25 Spirit lord idol if sacrifice accepted makes invisible spirits visible
26 Wolf demon idol if given a human heart or baby fat will make you a werewolf
27 Assassin Demon will drip poison onto a blade before it in a ceremony 
28 Goat head demon if danced before it will heal worshipers a HP each
29 Orcus idol if sacrificed person to will arise as a zombie to guard the shrine (one only) 
30 Jubilex idol if sacrificed rotten food will vomit a tiny gelatin or slime monster
31 Hellcat idol will deliver prayers to lords of hell 5% chance will call a hellcat to help
32 Hellhound Idol if leave a human heart will 5% summon a hell hound to protect the idol
33 Elemental idol for sacrifice will call a elemental guardian spirit to guard it
34 Devil Idol will bless a weapon +1 for an hour for a blood sacrifice
35 Asmodeus idol if prayed to supplicant will be offered a wish for your soul 5% chance
36 Rakshasa Idol is worshiper sacrifices self is reincarnated as other creature 5%
37 Snake demon idol will show visions of sleeping serpent men location for sacrifice
38 Rat shrine if bowl filled with milk will make rat beings ignore you for a day
39 Elf shrine if offerings left will prevent faeries pranking you for a d6 days 
40 Black dwarf idol if fed iron will sharpen a weapon +1 for first blow
41 Fire demon shrine if offerings burned fire will stay lit for a day
42 Phallus Idol if sacrificed to will increase fertility within next full moon
43 Blood Goddess for cup of blood will make dagger +1 until hits
44 War behemoth demon will give +1 STR for a hour if victim burned alive
45 Black crystal trapezohedron will summon shadow if covered with a cloth
46 Head hunter demon will grant +1HP for a day for every head you sacrifice to it
47 Ice Toad Demon keeps food and flesh fresh if kept nearby
48 Salamander idol 5% chance of calling a salamander if incense burned in brazier
49 Raven Idol if offered eyeballs might give you vision of what you seek 5%
50 Black skinned aroused demon idol, if genitals kissed get +1 next saving throw
51 Naga Idol if left food and wine will grant +1 on your next saving throw
52 Ugly toad demon will call random encounter if area touched by non cultist
53 Strange idol of the render of veils if human sacrificed gives vision of another plane
54 Fly idol crawling with flies and maggots which swarm at any who try to damage it
55 Dragon idol will accept coins in slot and will breath burning hands on any theif
56 Angry sky god will shocking grasp any non believer who touches it used as cult test
57 Troll demon idol, human flesh eaten before regenerates wound with disgusting lumps 
58 Reptile demon idol if bathed in blood a recently missing limb will regrow over a month
59 Cyclops demon if one eye sacrificed to it user gains infravision 6" range
60 Vulture god idol if fed human meat will grant +1 WIS for a d4 hours once a week
61 Water demon if victim drowned before it will 5% chance become invisible as spell
62 Hungry Giant idol if own flesh served to it d4 HP will grant +1 STR for d4 hours
63 Ogre Mother demon if fed treasure gives 5% chance of remove curse
64 Crude monolith with hole for severed head, 5% chance will speak to spirit of head
65 Eunuch demon if you sacrifice your genitals to it gain +1d4HP permanently
66 Peacock-horse demon if valuable incense burned will clean and repair your clothes
67 Lioness demon if fed human blood of a prisoner it will grant +1HP for the day
68 Fish god idol if given gold or human flesh will make next fishing better for a day
69 Ape demon idol if you stab yourself with dagger before it grants +1 STR for a d4 hours
70 Faceless demon idol if you sacrifice a HP to it your shadow will rise from your corpse
71 Demon idol if self torture before it get 5% call a lesser demon per day
72 Lava demon if fed d4 HP of your blood -1 fire damage per dice for d4 hours
73 Lamprey Demon if fed d4 HP of your blood will give you visions of when demons ruled 
74 Star Demon Idol if human sacrificed to calls a byakee from space 5% to serve till dawn
75 Dungeon Spirit Idol will summon a spectral hammer to fight intruders for 2d4 rounds
76 Orc ancestor spirit if anointed in blood allows you to dream of any orc ancestors
77 Famous Evil High Priest idol if swear to it gain protection vs good 1 hour once per day  
78 Hunter god if fresh skeleton left for it grows a new animal 5% of the time
79 Shaman idol if fast before it can commune with a ancestor after d4 days hunger
80 Zombie god if you sacrifice a HP to it you become a zombie on death
81 Tentacle eye thing idol will drip nutritious slime to worshippers who flog themselves
82 Frog god idol if you lick it will cause a d4 hours of nightmarish halucinations
83 Chaos mutant idol will grant a lesser mutation once if a 1HD being sacrificed
84 Insect demon idol if fed well will guard shrine area with a insect swarm 
85 Shrieking Fungus Demon will scream if non cultists enter the shrine room
86 Cave god shine if evoked with ritual will give 6" infravision and make you an albino
87 Tick demon idol if fed a drop of blood will keep all lice and parasites away for a day
88 Mummified hand idol will bless true believer for an hour or curse false believer
89 Shark idol place hand in mouth as test of faith, will bite for d4 damage pleasing the god
90 Crystal demon idol will contact other plane if you sacrifice a INT point
91 Slug demon idol for a sacrifice of beer will gather a pound of delicious slugs to eat
92 Trilobite Demon if given blood will increase AC +1 for a d4 hours once a week
93 Centipede Demon idol if fed meat will gain +1"Mov rate for a d4 hours
94 Horned Devil idol for a piece of silver will burn like a fireplace for d6 hours
95 Efreeti Idol if fed blood will make your next urine highly flammable like alcohol
96 Djinn Idol if given maiden tears  will cover nearest 6" radius area in fog for an hour
97 Dinosaur demon for a d4 HP per day will make dinosaurs less interested in eating you
98 Troll Idol shoots a magic missile at anyone uttering swear words or foul language 
99 Farmer Idol keeps elves and fairies away if offering of pubic hair burned every day
100 Shoggoth Idol allows wielder to call long hidden sleeping horror 5% per week prayer

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Encounters In the Forbidden Library

In my setting the university library is a sprawling palace, with multiple levels, secret chambers and other strange things. Frequently adventurers are hired to remove vermin or extract books for forbidden book vaults. The libraries are as vast as a city itself with levels lost and sealed off long forgotten. Some of the oldest vaults contain clay tablets which very few can read. The library is clearly out of control and magic students surviving is part of getting extra credit towards graduation. Safer students take years longer or hire adventurers to help.

d10 Librarian Missions 

1 Exterminate a type of vermin plaguing the books
2 A race of non humans have taken up residence and need exterminating
3 Find a particular book requested
4 Guard a scholar in a deep stack retrieval assignment
5 Find a unauthorised intruder entering the library
6 Guard repair crews mending shelves and doors
7 Recover obscure book long lost in the stacks
8 Find the cipher to translate a book found in code or a lost language
9 Find books now catalogued as forbidden and relocate them
10 Find unauthorised students sleeping and living in library

d10 Book Types

1 Cloth bound printed on paper with woodblocks 10gp xd10 value d6lb
2 Leather bound illuminated books on vellum and cloth 100gp xd10 value 3d4lb
3 Wooden cover with birch bark leaves 100gp xd10 value 4d4lb
4 Wooden slats affixed together into a book  100gp xd10 value  4d5lb
5 Bound hide with text burned or painted in barbarian style 30gp xd10 4d4lb
6 Tube scroll case with collection of scrolls inside 30pgx10 d8lb
7  Case with multiple scroll tubes 100gp xd10 4d4lb

8 Clay seal often printed from cylinder in clay 1gp xd10 d4lb 100 words
9 Clay tablet often a bit chipped  10gp xd10 3d4lb 300-1000 words, often sets incomplete
10 Clay tablet collection in box or carry case 100gp xd10 d4x100lb 1d10 x100 000 words

d10 Language

1 Modern common from the last century
2 Vintage common but still readable to most 100-400 years old
3 Old common difficult to read and understand 400-1000 years old
4 Imperial the language of the great ancient empire and scholars
5 Foreign contemporary work from last few centuries
6 Foreign antiquated language over a thousand years
7 Demi human work at least hundreds of years old
8 Humanoid work at least hundreds of years old
9 Pre human language of the monster empire still spoken in the underland
10 Languages of the outer planes alignments or inner planes elemental tongues

d10 Security

1 List in front of authorised persons permitted to see book often with hundreds of names over years
2 Book cover is lockable with  a high quality clasp 1in6 are trapped also with poison needle
3 Book pages drugged, poison or covered in spores making it hazardous to read
4 Book has a curse to protect it often featured prominently
5 Book has had enchantment to preserve it for so long
6 Book is a treasure with semiprecious stones and famous art +1d10 x1000gp

7 Book bound with a spirit or minor entity of protection
8  Book chained to shelf or lecturn
9 Book has own will and is difficult to destroy, possibly for a specific alignment
10 Book is inhabited by dangerous creature or is a shapeshifted creature

d10 Quick Subjects

1 Geography d6 1=local 2=historic 3=foriegn 4=geology 5=cave exploring 6=exploration
2 History d6 1=ancient 2=historic 3=prehuman 4=demihuman 5=humanoid 6=geneology
3 Natural History d6 1=botany 2=zoology 3=astronomy 4=sea monsters 5= dragons 6=monsters

4 Sciences d6 1=mathematics 2=geometry 3=lenses 4=alchemy 5=engineering 6=mechanics 
5 Occult d6 1=phrenology 2=astrology 3=mesmerism 4=necromancy 5=demonology 6=elements
6 Humanities d6 1=art theory 2=literature 3=music 4=poetry 5=diaries 6=philosophy
7 Reference d6 1=recipes 2=farmers guide 3=common law 4=tax law 5=almanac 6=travel guide
8 Medical knowledge d6 1=first aid 2=anatomy 3=apothecary 4=herbalism 5=poison  6=diseases
9 Business ledger d6 1=accounts 2=orders 3=clients 4=debits 5=trade records 6=stock records
10 Magic knowledge d6 1=alchemy 2=cults 3=religion 4 =druids 5=wizard 6=sorcerer
Many monsters in the library are peaceful and quiet and not very threatening.

d10 Strange Feature
1 Strange library guardians stop anyone leaving with property
2 Observatory chamber with giant astrolabe, star chart library and zodiac themed artwork
3 Sealed Vault: d4 1=forbidden books 2=to be sorted books 3=magic books 4=magic scrolls
4 Crypts of past scholars, former students and faculty some serve library as undead librarians
5 Portals to other planes often elemental plane or outer planes like hell
6 Doorway to the secret black school that teaches evil wizards for cost of soul by devil teachers
7 Gateway to secret alien library level full of strange pre human things
8 Library is haunted and gets an additional undead encounter when checks made
9 Map room with charts from many lands and times including treasure maps
10 Special Collection of books, maps and records on specialist possibly dangerous topic in vault

d100 Strange Encounters
01 Wounded apprentice was left by master to starve wounded and alone
02 Pale feral long lost students eating a rat or a cat
03 Insect men band have attracted some goblins, gremlins. animals and students
04 Forest Animal comes from haunted books and artworks wander about confused
05 Cloud of book and cloth eating moths are disturbed
06 See a bookworm munching on a book happily
07 Cobwebs covered in dust choke area with several giant spiders
08 Book gremlin and shelf rat colony up to mischief
09 Paper Wasp nest eat threats to books but use paper to make nests
 Shelf rat swarm, slower and more ponderous looking than sewer rats

11 Stray cat comes close to be friendly
12 Hellcat looking for scholarly types it can corrupt

13 Imp possibly invisible or spider or toad or baby goat form
14 Book Tarantula crawling on a shelf or floor 
15 Swarm of book tarantulas blocking passage 
16 Stirges live in the loft hungry for blood
17 Owl sitting on a shelf lives off rodents
18 Giant owl lives off vermin and reads books
19 Ravens, often know a single phrase and pick at books on shelves
20 Bat swarm blot out light and confusing when hundreds around
21 Giant bat hanging from ceiling and hungry
22 Giant toad likes to live here and eat smaller students
23 Giant hedgehog wanders about and likes to read
24 Giant doormouse likes reading and has own prefered filing system
25 Giant pigeons like food and talking about books over your shoulder but cant read
26 Titan Rat size of cave bear, angry and hungry
27 Giant rats in a swarm of 4d6
28 Centipedes 2d4 giant ones
29 Badgerman looking for books to read in his lair
30 Mimic pretending to be row of books
31 Mini Mimic or baby pretending to be a book but only a d4 bite 1HD
32 Shadow from a former student or book hunter
33 Phantom apparition of a librarian often make shhhh sound or give angry looks
34 Dwarf adventurer out checking engineering and condition of the place
35 Halfling looking for good fiction and recipies, lost for a few years now
36 Giant Moth often startled and spray choking dust everywhere
37 Yellow mould patch
38 Shrieker mushroom make annoying noises
39 Mushroom men whose civilization evolved here 
40 Ghost librarian will possess or age bad visitors
41 Spectral librarian disapproves of your choice of books and eats souls
42 Wraith of long lost book hunter now a life eating horror
43 Zombie students wandering the stacks mostly just looking
44 Skeleton student will be reading a book and tries to ignore intruders
45 Skull on a tabletop chatters as a alarm or is a talking one
46 Small race of hobbit sized ratmen have evolved here
47 Large race of rat beastmen exploring from sewers, possibly eating books
48 Goblin reading a book or trying to get high enough to reach one, placid sort
49 Elf librarian from the secret catalogue only rumoured to exist by normal librarians
50 Gnomes sitting about reading often in a group
51 A gentleman crow man in a suit is reading while smoking against the rules
52 The dragon librarian in human form that nobody knows in a dragon away from secret lair
53 A group of elderly librarians and militia guards reshelving books from a trolley 
54 Homeless students have built shelter in shelving have squatted a section
55 Giant Constrictor Snakes with hypnotism are said to lurk on tops of shelves
56 A homeless old man reading while boiling a tea pot on a fire he has built
57 A  elderly wizard who has been lost here for years probably cursed
58 Four apprentices out looking for a book for their master
59 A haughty master with apprentices and thugs here looking for a book, expects respect
60 Dark elves reading, will flee back to underland through a hole if chased
61 A wizened elder mystic troll looking for books they haven't read yet quietly 
62 A living oak tree fused into shelving, home of a dryad and her 2d4 charmed guests
63 A hellmouth opens and a horned devil puts some books back then leaves
64 A moody eccentric master looking for books like they own the place
65 A serpentfolk wizard is here reading peacefully of the lost continent
66 A wooden golem with shelves in chest cavity reshelving books
67 A bone golem part of a failed over zealous security system cancelled years ago
68 A giant swollen caterpillar man munching on books while smoking a hookah
69 Gremlins messing with the filing system
70 Kobold carpenters fixing shelving and painting over graffitti
71 Bored kobold teenagers writing gang graffiti and threats on walls
72 Carrion crawler dragging a paralysed kobold to lair
73 Buffalo sized purple worm baby out hunting
74 Octopus wizards have entered through the drains to plunder magical secrets
75 Charismatic evil wizard offers his help and betray everyone at some chance
76 Students making out in piles of books
77 Wildmen lost in the stacks chasing magical animals that came out of paintings
78 Magical Artwork d4 1=dream gate 2=magic portal 3=dungeon entry 4=magic people inside
79 Cultists in robes entered in secret must kill witnesses who see them
80 Knight and comic servant on a quest in library for a gosh awful long time
81 A bard is giving a reading to students,magical creatures and demihuman guests
82 Necromancer and his undead guards is pretty sure nobody who sees him should live
83 A white wizard of a secret order comes and offers aid and possibly a book as a gift
84 Brotherhood of bards on a mission for knowledge about a great crisis
85 Cultists seeking clues to the apocalypse all who see them must die
86 Guards on patrol looking for monsters or book thieves or trouble check your papers
87 Spectral minions patrol from long ago who dont recognise modern dating system
88 Spectral minion students reading and looking for books
89 Spectral minion librarians actually helpful can call spectral guard to evict troublemakers 
90 Golem carrying d4 1=brain in a jar 2=mummified corpse 3=old wizard 4=glass eyeball
91 Invisible Spirit bored and likes pranks, will try haunting at first then friendly then anoying
92 Succubi or incubi looking for nerdy gullible wizards to drain of souls
93 Students with donkey load of books to return after finishing course 
94 Chaos heretic seeks to join party and try and instill chaotic philosophy of cosmic entropy
95 A agent of Cosmic Law offers to teach you arcane skills if you serve pure order
96 A lich in all his glory with skeleton apprentices holding his robe and palanquin
97 A devil in human form sliping works of diabolic occult into the collections
98 Angelic being searching for holy records for some  reason
99 Sphynx with some cherubim servants invite you to dine and riddle with them
100 Dragon sleeping on pile of books, change into human mostly if awake

d100 Hazards and Wonders
01 Books fall from someone up high
02 Loose book stacks ready to collapse in avalanche if disturbed
03 Bookshelf ready to collapse if disturbed
04 Shelf will collapse like dominoes sending
05 A mass of dust is disturbed and falls causes choking
06 Whole are choked in spider webs and dust
07 Scattered corpses of robed students all seeking something called extra credit
08 Stoner drug cult of students meeting to get high invite you to join them
09 A fabulous fountain pouring fresh water out with pull of a spring lever
10 Book repair station featuring desk and various scribe supplies and craft tools

11 Magical Instruments playing ancient music all buy themselves
12 Story reading golem needs a audience who doesn't die so easily or want to leave

13 Nanny golem forgotten what her children look like adopts party and torments
14 Walking suits of armour patrol area on the hour
15 Animated talking weapons on wall mounts will attack if you don't have library ID
16 Invisible person reading book in lectern
17 Lectern with book chained on in a locked case lid, some important work inside
18 Deadfall of books made as deliberate messy noisy trap
19 Piles of books blanked out left by some word eating creature
20 Young necromancers trying to raise a dead spirit from corpse creating a shadow
21 A skeleton apprentice still trying to impress his lich master by bullying strangers
22 Crypt Thing here to teach you valuable life lesson by teleporting you deep into library
23 Collection of comfortable sofas d4 1=tea and cakes 2=corpses 3=students 4=mummies
24 Nanny Binks the goat messiah is here on a mission with some sons and a human party
25 Goblins selling snacks fresh from the sewer like rat on a stick and mushroom beer
26 A gathering of lost familiars will question party about missing masters
27 Fountain of wine d4 1=drunk students 2=satyrs 3=old drunk wizards 4=several corpses 
28 Fountain of water d4 1=elven attendant 2=water weird 3=water elemental 4=holy water
29 Fountain d4 1=healing water 2=fresh milk 3=tea 4=chilled water
30 Fountain strange rainbow potions with a tin cup chained to valve
31 Someone has built a tiny fort out of books 1in6 inhabited by children or kobolds
32 Representatives of the Kobold kingdom (three library levels) welcomes traders 
33 Student performers practicing their play would really enjoy a audience who would get us
34 Student wizards asleep with a keg, an imp familiar will negotiate on their behalf
35 Old person with poor eyesight and hearing looking for book, is d6+4 lv wizard
36 Wizards old and young playing chess or illusion wargames or other magic games
37 See a figure avoiding you crumble into mass of bookworms and disapear
38 See devils licking up words from a book to learn some useful torture skills
39 Young wizards making familiars battle for money, poor things look unhappy
40 See eyes from cracks between books where dark creeper and dark stalkers lurk
41 See a secret door open and a student steps in after saying some devils name 
42 Sealed water elemental in bottle sworn to put out a fire when lid opened
43 Strange robed man seems to be drinking words from book into him then vanishes
44 A book falls out of shelf in front of you, "How to serve Hell", includes soul contract
45 A black wizened hand offering you to take a book then it vanishes
46 Find a sealed letter addressed to you from hell offering you a wish if you sign
47 A lamia has established a lair where her charmed lovers read poems to her
48 A demonic looking floating head trailing dripping mass of organs behind it in the stacks
49 A banshee in the books likes to kill young handsome wizards
50 Chaos frogmen demons looking for archons and modrons to battle
51 Adorable goofy modrons on patrol for chaos frogmen demons that vex them so
52 Find dumped collection of corpses all killed same way such as headless or poisoned 
53 Grell wandering around stacks looking for smart guys to eat
54 Squid man mind wizard ans cultists looking to feed and find elder evil books
55 Wizard spy eyeball watching party for a while
56 Guardian Familiar in cat form guarding a relic or important book in display cabinet
57 Floor collapses into sub level weighed down by all the books
58 Hole in floor leading to burrow complex lined with shredded books lair to some creature
59 Displacer beasts on the hunt for humans or roaring for territory
60 Leucrotta walks the library tries to lure "lovers" up close to eat them or just their faces
61 Naga coiled up with some books and servants
62 Doppelganger students try to get close for ambush
63 Gargoyles guarding a collection of treasure on display
64 Vampire out for a read will be interested in meeting a new lover to eat
65 Incomplete golem on a slab surrounded bu books and occult symbols
66 Medusa lives in wing of library in area with lots of statutes
67 Stymphalian birds roosted in a area will shoot wing feathers at enemies on territory
68 Satyr scholar quite happy to talk with party and hang around, carries sandwiches
69 Archway with armed living statues ready to attack
70 Students listening to a scholar give a lecture
71 Secret society of wizards meeting in robes and masks not expecting strangers
72 Students discussing outlandish theory, totally alienated from common life
73 Tutor trying to convince student to try joining a cult for careerism
74 Students whispering about the secret black wizard school and where it is hidden
75 Rows of desks for students, scribes or copyists to work from mostly unused
76 Artwork exhibited in area with wine and cheese and artists
77 Noble person with armed guards with scholar looking for something
78 A book falls out of the shelf and open to a spread of significant pages
79 A group of assassins out to kill a student or anyone who sees an assassin ever
80 Students performing a ritual from a book they found and improvising a go
81 Cultists about to murder someone on portable altar and shrine in ritual
82 A book launch with scholars here for free wine and cheese and possibly a free book
83 Summoner diagram with trapped planar being d4 1=elemental 2=devil 3=demon 4=angel
84 Witches up to some research don't want any funny business while on a caper
85 Time traveling wizard just visiting and passing through
86 Gateway in artwork to another dimension such as the nightmare world
87 Magic Mirror makes evil clones who attack originals
88 Elemental djinn are meeting here to discuss dividing up the multiverse for the next aeon
89 Lonley spirit from a painting seeks a lover
90 Old scholar, farm boy and pirate on a quest and a bit paranoid
91 Pixies polymorphed into dancing books put on a show for a furious librarian
92 Wizards playing a game with illusions and a small crowd has gathered
93 Sorcerers here to pick on wizards for having to read books and study 
94 Young apprentices flirting for creepy teacher's attention
95 Gremlins throwing books at students for fun
96 Gremlins taunting librarian with noise making games
97 Golem has been reading silently for over 2000 years
98 Students looking for a missing friend came to library a few days ago 
99  Crawling zombie hand dragging a book somewhere
100 Black robed students on way to secret school for evil wizards

Might need more forgot about
Cave fishers
Sheet phantoms and ghouls