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Space Cults 4: Mythos Space Colonies

Cults In Space was a good Series and I have been in my flu state been dreaming of horrors in the stars and the poor space explorers who are sent to investigate.

This is early setting notes

A con adventure I made

Some Scenarios and a Table for adventure locations

This post I want to revise and expand the mission generation and present some more ideas.

10 Major Features of the High House In the Stars Setting

1 In the 25 century explorers from earth with new generation technology explore space and contact colonies lost for over 200 years in some cases
2 Faster Than Light travel early colonial times was only several times the speed of light, more recently this takes weeks in the best military scouts and months with commercial freight
3 Faster Than Light coms is new and requires a capitol star ship or major space hab, most of the lost colonies are out of contact
4 Hypersleep .and rotating habitats are important for space living in the long term, travel is expensive, dangerous and mostly boring
5 Most colonies still use weapons familiar to the 21st century and basic drones. The military and elites use smart ammo weapons, energy, particle, gauss, fusion, plasma and other advanced weapons
5 Humans have met either no aliens or several but they are far away weird and and rare. Replicants, androids, clones, AIs, uplifted animals, animen, cyborgs and biorgs are far more likely
6 Earth is a cyberpunk mess ruled by corporations and the military and corruption or a uninhabited waste heap. Orbital habs, asteroids, venus, mars and other planets are competing for power
7 Overspace is the dimensional state that allows FTL. Their are many strange phenomena here and it is not well understood by science. Some say it was artificial. Psionic institutes are not well respected but make extraordinary claims about overspace. Many blackbox functions of a FTL overspace drive are sealed and secretive only a few companies and government build those components
8 Violence is rare with most advanced and professional forces wining most fights
9 Colonies long lost have developed many strange local variations and require diplomacy. Strange life forms and alien ruins need investigation for threats to humanity.
10 Players are mostly elite professionals working with a company or organisation but they may not be given all available information

2300 SF game the second ed of the original GDW has lots of perfect content and aliens that will make Investigators freak out - hiver in traveller and space wasps like DrWho might be nice

A ready to alien ecology with sinister tentacled gasbag spear wielding natives
"Darwin IV is a fictional planet and the subject of Wayne Barlowe's book Expedition and the television special, Alien Planet, based on Expedition. Although the details of the discovery and exploration of Darwin IV differ in the two presentations, both are essentially the same in their depiction of the planetary environment and its native life-forms, whose abundance and variety prompt the name Darwin."
Video Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS3mbKvSVDI

Alpha Centairi the video game by Syd Mier and the GURPS book of same name is a great planet and the mythos would fit fine here. In a relativistic campaign players could visit decades apart by local time and the pc game and rpg could facilitate this.

High Colonies RPG fantastic detail for Sol and many nationalities on asteroids and space habs. Earth is uked and has secret alien bases. Gurps Transhuman fits in well too or aliens universe. Ties in well in many ways to some other systems

Space1999 has a great look and a few stories fit the genre. Obviously Yog Sothoth moved the moon to allow the stars to be right at the end times. I like that It is the same universe as UFO and the earth government collapsed building hawk fighters to fight aliens that never came. This whole setting look could be stolen for a frontier exploration base. The Expanse TV series pretty good too for a tech vibe.

Id use Call of Cthulhu and BRP but original star frontiers would be good too.

Several Chaosium Monographs fit this whole vibe quite well.

10 Rules for Mysteries
1  Explorers are sent on missions but should be curious and possibly glory seeking
2 Humans try to rationalise events with science often becoming increasingly irrational
3 Your own organisation, law and government keep black secrets and red herrings
4 Aliens and their technology are strange, difficult and seemingly supernatural
5 Cultist can take over a colony from one mad loner and might predate space travel
6 Greed or power might motivate NPCs who should always die
7 For moments your technology is useless to the awesome power of true horror
8 Some creepy human technology should be a red herring from like aliens biotech or replicant
9 AIs are tedious in detail but not imaginative and strange problems stump them
10  Relics and ruins foreshadow monsters and aliens, hints of nonhuman intelligence are scary

In previous posts I talked about cultist and how they infiltrate colonies. Or how pre modern cultists settled the stars and terraformed planets using the power of the outer gods. Colonies can appear where they ought not to be. On arrival solar data has changed. Colonies that seem to have fallen into primitivism were in fact settled aeons ago by hyperboreans riding byakhee and gateway spells. Aliens have disturbing customs and hint at worse secrets despite being superficially allies.

Possibly players could be on a colony for a while trying to root out cultists.

d20 What is that loner cultist up to
1 Secretly exposing others to sanity blasting texts, magic and entities
2 Hiding from authorities but still performing murders and strange rites
3 Seeking alien ruins seeking elder lore or contacting entities
4 Seeking position of power of community or their wellbeing
5 Preparing to sacrifice everybody for a ritual or as gift to non humans
6 Tainting colony DNA
7 Using colony for a experiment
8 Awaken a slumbering god
9 Building a gate to bring in more cultists
10 Contacting a servitor race will claim they are aliens
11 Planing to summon god to alter climate or sun
12 Plans to sell colony to aliens
13 Sabotaging systems to cause political upheavals
14 Try to form breakaway colony of cultists
15 Start a personality cult
16 Traveling to alien dreamlands to bring back weird relics
17 Seeking rare minerals for magic or narcotics
18 Trying to communicate with aliens
19 Trying to cut of from civilization and keep isolated
20 Attempting a bloody coup to lead colony into depravity and murder

d20 Cult Colonies
1 Terraforming planet by calling on outer gods
2 Seeking to destroy ancient enemy of the old ones
3 Breeding a hybrid race
4 Came to escape persecution on earth
5 Building a huge monument for a god
6 Cultists are immortal or undead
7 Work to lure travelers here to sacrifice, to breed or to eat
8 Servants of a alien race brought here by god long ago
9 Brought here to use for sacrifices for spells by other race
10 Sparsely populated time capsule of some period of earth
11 Remnants of alien civilization with humans, dinosaurs and monsters in ruins
12 Working to bring a god or their kin over
13 Cultists modified by other race or god to be adapted to local conditions
14 Cultists brought here believe Earth is destroyed
15 Cyltists have devolved into primative canibal ape men
16 Colonised by men from leng who brought slaves to torment
17 Colony devolved into gibbering insane mutants
18 Humans altered by gods into new race seemingly alien at first contact
19 Cult serve gods hidden underground or under the sea
20 Brought here to survive the destruction of the earth

d10 Which cults found the colony 
These are some possible cult suggestions and by no means the only possible1 Iquatha carried eskimos, indians and vikings from cold regions of earths past
2 Shub Niggurath brought druids and tribal peoples and has covered planet in forest
3 Hastur has brought cultists here by byakee and established his unearthly serenity of the yellow sign
4 Yog Sothoth cult came by gates and has been breeding with their god to create living gates
5 MiGo cultists were carried here by masters long ago and use alien technology
6 Old ones cultists tend a abandoned colony hunted by shoggoths
7 Cthulhu deep ones hybrids came aeons ago to this water world
8 Nyarlathotep colony on desert world worshiping sand people
9 Insectes from shaggai brough humans here by ship to be slaves and abandoned them
10 Azathoth brought colony here from community he destroyed on earth

d20 Cult secrets on a colony
1 Ruins of previous dead colony or alien species killed by gods
2 Gateway in ruins to commune with or sacrifice to gods
3 Artifact that alters life and accelerates evolution
4 Artifact influences the dreams of colonists
5 Stasis pods of a previous race or colony
6 A horrible disease, vampires or biohazzard is contained
7 Wrecked alien vessel or base complex
8 Evidence of complex life and ecosystem destroyed in some extinction event
9 Entities from overspace leak into world from somewhere else
10 Slumbering liogorr has been located and could be awakening
11 Remains of a alien library
12 Alien tomb or temple with guardians
13 Gateway to pocket dimension built by aliens
14 Primative native life worship old ones
15 Climate control room in alien ruins or monolith
16 Varst alien species hidden in water or underground
17 A beacon left by aliens sends a signal if exposed
18 Alien terraforming equipment left but operable
19 Remnants of dead alien race dreamlands with long extinct life
20 Alien bio weapon or engineered life form left in ruins or crashed ship

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d100 Amazon Tribes

In my setting amazons are really common. Ive considered designing a class for them. All people have heard of amazons often in relation to goddesses and from ancient histories. Many petty magic cantrip spells used since the dawn age have helped make the life of women more free. But most of the world have become backwards since the dawn age. Many cultures shun amazons and accuse uppity women and disobedient girls of being under their influence. The more a culture hates amazons by reputation the more they oppress their own women. Many such women run away to join amazon tribes on the fringes of civilization. The new knightly women orders of the empire and other more modern groups often adopt amazon heraldry and even enjoy their art and literature.

In the dawn age there was plenty and prosperity till chaos came and death and time were born. When the monster empire arose from the ruins of the divine empire, Amazon tribes sprung up in revolt and have continued since. While humans are free of monster kings and gods and necromancers the world is still imperfect and Amazons still keep fighting.

Amazon Characters
Most amazon tribes have a ancestral goddess and a totem beast

Amazons typically wear bronze plate with hoplite shield

Typically Amazons use spear, sword, bow, dart

Other popular weapons include lance, lasso, dagger, javelin, net, shortsword, battle axe, polearm

Popular non weapon proficiencies include ride, first aid, swim, run, acrobatics, balance

Most specialize in weapons and some specialize in combat and trick riding abilities

Amazons tend to not be materialistic even if they happen to be civilized and comfortable

Most Amazons are warriors but priesthood and wizard and "scouts" also exist from amazons with other talents

Amazons can have any alignment and many fight each other. Amazons of varied alignments will unite against a common enemy oppressive male conquerors.

There are great 1/72 amazon minis now with a box set of beast riders including dinos, unicorns, tigers and stags.

d10 Amazon reproduction
1 Use male prisoners or captives
2 Use male slaves
3 Seek and court great men then return home
 Kidnapping and recruitment
Use of a spell or magic herb or potion
Use of a relic or magic item
 Non human race used for fathers like elves or beast men
8 Supernatural creature or monster or magical hemaphrodite
9 Summon a male spirit or servant of their goddess
10 Summon their goddess or her brother at a great ceremony

d20 What about sons?
1 Become slaves caste forbiden to bear arms
2 Become slave cast but include auxiliaries, skirmishers and gladiators
3 Give them to other peoples or return them to fathers in other lands
4 Expose them in wilderness but other peoples often adopt them
5 Sell them to slave traders no questions asked
6 Sacrifice them to a god or demon or devils in return for services
7 Keep some as pets and drive away unwanted ones at puberty
8 Drive away when adult enough
9 Raise in state creches and form military or labour units
10 Make most of them into eunuchs

11 All babies born are daughters
12 Give birth to animals instead
13 Males are all orcs or ogres and set free or enslaved
14 Males are non humanoid monsters
15 Most babies magically changed to females at birth
16 Male children swapped for female with other culture
17 Accepted as long as conform to amazon customs and accept place as second class
18 Sent away at adulthood with weapons as part mercenary company
19 Male children traded with non humans for goods and services
20 Males care for children, cook, clean, tend home and serve their women

With some magical pairings the males are born monsters or non human while daughters are born amazons. Some evil amazons breed with orcs they kidnap and the orc sons serve as auxiliaries. Some tribes know magic to change gender and will recruit men, others will accept men who conform to amazon customs. Others magically create perfect alchemical hermaphrodites for breeding. Sometimes amazons have killed most male humanoids in a tribe and taught their ways to the surviving females creating amazon goblins, hobgoblins and orcs. Elven amazons are a thing too but they tend to be less belligerent. Amazons of all types will protect women and children from harm, even the evil ones.

During the second empire the Emperor would yearly sleep with visiting Amazon pilgrims in a yearly ceremony but later emperors became degenerate and the custom ended. The current third empire has no official dealings with any Amazons.

d10 Amazon Comunities1 Hunter gatherer nomads living with their cult beasts with seasonal holy sites

2 Nomads with portable housing and seasonal tribal clan gatherings
3 Fortified Camp seasonally move every 4-10 years
4 Hillfort comunity watching over a wilderness territory
5 Fortress complex with military community
6 Fortified Tower with military force guarding a holy place
7 Castle of amazon knights guarding a rural farm area
8 Fortified Temple with warrior priest order
 Fortified Town with agrarian areas surrounding it
10 Citadel complex blended with natural landscape

d100 Amazon Tribes

1 Unicorn Tribe ride unicorns and worship the unicorn god who praises virgins
2 Stag Tribe ride huge deer and watch woodlands
3 Lion Tribe ride huge lions and prowl savannas or mountains or forests
4 Terrorbird Tribe ride giant meat eating birds and are savage hunters
5 Sabretooth Tribe ride giant cats and hunt auroch and mamoths and dinosaurs
6 Tiger Tribe ride huge tigers in giants and snowy mountains, many are solitary
7 Serpent Tribe worship snakes in great temples and carry holy snakes always
8 Dragon Tribe worship and serve dragons and ride them into battle
9 Wolf Tribe ride dire wolves and wage war on humanoids and cavemen
10 Raptor Tribe ride hunting dinosaurs and hunt other thunderlizards in lost lands
11 Dolphin Tribe ride dolphins and live on islands raiding ships and coastlines
12 Owl Tribe ride giant owls and keep owls as pets in service to many goddesses
11 Gorgon Tribe worship the goddess medusa and her spawn in mighty temples
12 Wyvern Tribe ride monsters and live in mountains raiding cattle and sheep herds

13 Mole tribe live underground using giant moles and slaves to dig labyrinthine tunnels
14 Panther Tribe are treacherous and fight by night and ambush with their cat allies
15 Lynx tribe live with giant lynx companions and guard northern forests from evil
16 Goat tribe ride giant mountain goats in rocky isolated regions building forts
17 Beaver tribe build gigantic log forts and dams with their giant beaver allies in forests
18 Frog tribe ride giant bullfrogs and guard swamps from chaos and mutants
19 Dog tribe have huge packs of wild dogs and hunt together, there is a halfling version too
20 Owlbear tribe are raised from birth with pet owlbears and sometimes ride them
21 Pegasi Tribe ride flying horses and live high in their mountains close to the gods
22 Hell Hound tribe serve the lords of hell in return for independance
23 Crocodile Tribe live in marshes and serve their underworld judge master
24 Mammoth Tribe tive in the glacier lands living with mammoths using all their left overs
25 Auroch Tribe serve the great bull god and perform bloody sacrifices with axes
26 Eagle tribe ride giant eagles in the mountains harrasing travellers and humanoids
27 Bat Tribe ride giant bats but the vampire bat riders are a evil sub tribe serving undead
28 Bear Trribe live in mountains and forests shunning civilization and metal use
29 Horse Tribe are nomadic and have burned several great cities over thousands of years
30 Eel Tribe live in reef castles and ride giant eels to raid ships, some live underground too
31 Crab Tribe sped whole lives on backs of their collosal crabs building houses on backs
32 Falcon Tribe are sun worshipers who scout the world for evil to destroy
33 Goose Tribe ride giant geese and travel between continents carrying refugees
34 Shark Tribe ride pet sharks terrorising coastal peoples with bloodthirsty feeding rituals
35 Turtle Tribe build fortified houses on turtle backs living in deep sea and marshes 
36 Hyena Tribe ride giant hyenas and are feared raiders and skirmishers who eat the dead
37 Jackal Tribe hunt and kill undead and feed them to their giant intelligent pets
38 Tyrannosaur Tribe live in jungles and terrorise intruders into their lost world
39 Octopus Tribe live with their giant octopi friends in coral reef caves raiding fish men
40 Cat Tribe keep hundreds of pet cats who protect their crops which they use to make beer
41 Cow Tribe are jolly cow herders who live off dairy products of their sacred beasts
42 Kaiju Tribe live on and underfoot their monster gods cleaning and protecting them
43 Beetle tribe use various beetles to ride, as cattle, war machines and mobile homes
44 Fish Tribe operate fish farms on rivers and coastal tidal pools
45 Worm Tribe live underground and raid the surface for victims to hurl into their maggot pits
46 Salamander Tribe live near active volcanoes and rifts in the earth to be near their gods
47 Ostrich Tribe ride and herd ostriches and are strictly independent avoiding other races
48 Bee Tribe use bee nests as weapons and sell magic honey from their royal hives
49 Mantis Tribe wear insectoid armour and ritually decapitate their males after sex
50 Ape Tribe worship their giant ape king guardian and use trained war gorillas
51 Moth Tribe summon giant moth gods and ride them to secret places even the moon
52 The Wasp Tribe are cannibals who feed enemies and their children to their own offspring
53 Locust Tribe ride giant bugs and raid crops on their rambling nomadic journeys
54 Boar Tribe ride giant battlepigs and are very destructive, some tribes are all orcish 
55 Triceratops Tribe serve law and order crushing chaos and oppresive regimes
56 Leopard Tribe are nocturnal killers who ride their huge leopards silently
57 Badger Tribe ride giant badgers, live in underground citadels and raid the surface
58 Camel Tribe are merchants who wander the wastes secretly collecting knowledge
59 Centipede Tribe are savage killers each believe they are a link of the great centipede
60 Scorpion Tribe are hunters who are also cannibals and guard gates to the underworld
61 Ankylosaurus Tribe are herders of and riders of their armoured thunder lizards
62 Stegosaurus Tribe rampage through jungles clearing roads and fighting monsters
63 Spider Tribe dwell in the underland with their herds of giant spiders
64 Hippogriff Tribe rescue maidens especially ones in wizard towers 
65 Griffon Tribe guard gold of the gods on mountain tops and aiding forces of law
66 Hydra Tribe guard nests of hydra by building citadels over their nests and worship them
67 Naga Tribe serve to guard nagas in their temples and protect their treasures
68 Otter Tribe dwell near rivers living in burrow forts under the river banks
69 Peryton Tribe ride these monsters and feed them bloody fresh hearts 
70 Ram Tribe live in mountain snowy valleys hand ride giant rams 
71 Sphynx Tribe serve sphinxes recording their wisdom and guarding their treasure
72 Lamia Tribe serve a lamia who acts as their queen, providing her with luxuries and vice
73 Toad Tribe live with giant toads in their burrow cities, waging war on worms and bugs
74 Weasel Tribe ride giant weasels and savagely raid victims like bloody berserkers
75 Bat Tribe ride giant bats and live in underground citadels fighting races of the underland
76 Cyclops Tribe guard the lairs of their cyclops gods who make weapons for deities
77 Fire Tribe worship elementals in great volcano temples eternally aflame 
78 Earth Tribe worship elementals in great underground temples keeping elder secrets 
79 Water Tribe worship elementals in great island temples guarded by reefs and monsters
80 Air Tribe worship elementals in great mountain top temples and open spaces
81 Mongoose Tribe battle evil reptilians like basilisks, dragons, cockatrice and others
82 Chimera Tribe guard their sacred beast caves and bring sacrifices they capture
83 Minotaur Tribe guard sacred mazes of their holy minotaurs and treasure hoardes
84 Cobra Tribe worship their holy cobra god in mighty snake filled temple towers 
85 Vulture Tribe gather corpses to feed their birds and battle undead and necromancers
86 Ant Tribe are hard working subterranean builders and miners
87 Squid Tribe are pirates operating out secret coral citadels with their giant squid ships
88 Seahorse Tribe ride giant versions of tribal beast from their coral sea castles 
89 Horse Tribe are nomadic raiders who drink fermented mares milk and burn cities
90 Glyptodon Tribe ride huge armoured mammals who live in burrow complexes
91 Gull Tribe ride giant sea birds over huge areas living on island cliff citadels
92 Puffin Tribe herd giant war puffins into battle on coastal areas from their cliff citadels
93 Phoenix Tribe guard their sacred pheonix birds on behalf of heaven
94 Hedgehog Tribe fight with their war hogs in giant hedge mazes covering their burrows 
95 Ogre Tribe herd ogre slaves, bred and surgically modified lobotomized berserkers 
96 Newt Tribe ride giant newts in the swamps and dwell in giant gelatinous spawn citadels
97 Rat Tribe ride giant rodents and live in burrow complexes raiding farms and city sewers
98 Manta Tribe surf on rays raiding coastlines and shipping from their lagoon island towns
99 Dragon Turtle Tribe ride inside the shells of their sacred beasts raiding shipping
100 Manatee Tribe ride and herd sea cows who graze on sea grass 

These are the beauties im looking for, i wish someone would do more dungeon monsters - the trolls look good too and i like the mounted undead. The earlier sets look more archaen greek.

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d100 Useless fish cult treasures in the sunken city

Weeks long flu and worse after antibiotics, imagination low, weird dreams kinda ok, so bored inside im watching TV instead of Fallout. So blogging standards a bit low.

Saw a post on FB someone who filled Kuo-toa empty rooms in the classic modules with useless magic fishman stuff which is a awesome idea. I have done cursed fishman items before but this is a amazingly useful concept. Such items might turn up well inland from great floods or even before land rose from the sea. Possibly some use could be derived but not for most adventurers.

Fishmen hate it when infidels use their relics and their cultists will seek them back. Once they and their allies and servitor races ruled over man and they assume they will again.

d100 Useless fish cult treasures in the sunken city
01 Crown of Squid Communication allows communication with squid and cuttlefish 
02 Ring of Air Breathing for sea creatures visiting land
03 Oil of Hydration allows beings to walk on land without drying for a day
04 Oil of Scaliness replaces hideous naked ape skin with lovely natural scales for life
05 Torc of Slavelord allows wearer to communicate with humans 
06 Slime of Slave Making changes lungs of air breather into a water breather permanently
07 Ring of Fish Hook detection so they can sabotage fishermen
08 Ring of Net Detection to detect traps and fishermen
09 Lure of the Glow Worm this attracts curious fish
10 Skin of the Flesh Ape is a skin suit allowing a fishman to pretend to be human and breath air for 24 hours after it breaks up and disintegrates

11 Rod of Clam Command has a d100 charges and can make a clam or similar shellfish open up
12 Torc of Spawning doubles your egg or milt production when breeding

13 Conch of Calling calls a angry unhelpful sea monster from the deep once a year
14 Idol of the Squid God give owner nightmares and dreams or for use in elder sea gods blasphemous rights 
15 Wax tablet of the Old Ones if cast into the sea will call a fish man to contact you that night
16 Ring of Stinger Resistance protects wearer from jellyfish, anenomes and coral
17 Barnacle of Defence if planted on skin in a d6 months gives +2AC
18 Seaweed of Visions allows eater to dream of the evil planar powers of elemental water
19 Ambergris of the Old Ones this pugnant slime is a pleasing sacrifice to the sea gods if used gives a sea priest +1 level for spell casting for a day 
20 Crab Gauntlets often single or in a set, if put on bonds to flesh and now has a d4 damage pincer, comes off when dead
21 Fish Cloak of the Sages grants wearer ability to identify all sea animals and knowledge of growing coral reefs in deliberate formations over 30 years
22 Tentacle Beard of the Sea Pharaoh is a bundle of tentacles that bonds with your chin endowing wearer with +1 CHA to sea beings 
23 Spawn of the Sea God is a slimy packet from a great old one of the depths, if eaten gains power of elder god developing tentacles, spines and extra eyes permanantly 
24 Arm Ring of the Depths makes wearer pressure resistant at all depths or space
25 Shoggoth Seed is a pod if opened releases a newborn baby 1 HP shoggoth which will obey, each year gain a HD and a saving throw to rebel to a maximum of 10HD
26 Torc of Shoggoth Comunion allows wearer to telepathically talk to shoggoths within 100", the shoggoth will know the general whereabouts of the user
27 Spear of the Sea Hunter is a bone weapon with +2 vs fish
28 Trident of the Dolphin Slayer is a bone weapon +3 vs dolphins
29 Shell of the Whale Song on command will make beautiful whale music
30 Shell of Fishy delight on command calls tiny fish who will chew of your shedding skin in a pleasant manner once per day
31 Milt of the Old Ones a packet of fluid of squeezed over eggs will make hatchlings achieve maximum HP on adulthood and bear sacred marks of fish divinity
32 Golden Sea Idol of the Old Ones is a foot long gold idol that is blessed of the sea gods, if owned by infidel then local priests receive visions of the thief and location
33 Scriptures of the Siren are sheet music of the fishmen tattooed on fish skin allowing reader to sing a siren song that calls a d100 fish once a week
34 Skin of Eel Brotherhood this eel skin arm wrap around the arm and gives wearer positive reactions with all kinds of eels who regard the wearer as one of them
35 Skin of the Sea Serpant is a snake skin arm wrap making wearer immune to the poisonous bites of sea snakes 
36 Crown of the Lobster makes wearer able to speak to any lobster normal or giant
37 Ring of Purity keeps away sea lice and parasites and barnacles from your scales
38 Dagger of Fangs is +2 vs snakes and snake men , made from a single huge fang
39 Horn of the Boat Eaters can once a month atract a swarm of wood eating sea termites thar ruin boats and warfs over a week
40 Crown of the Sea Urchin can once a month call a swarm of sea urchins to plague an enemy or for eating
41 Crown of Coral will fuse to the wearers skull and allow them to speak to coral imploring them to grow reefs in pleasing ways over decades, on death it seperates
42 Narwhale Lance carved from a single tusk is +3 vs Whales and +1 vs mammals 
43 Tooth of the Shark if inserted into a tooth socket will change wearers teeth into savage shark teeth allowing d6 bite damage, the tooth can be removed on death
44 Cloak of the Fish allows wearer to change to a salmon and back once a day
45 Cloak of Blubber protects wearer from natural cold and can be chewed on for food equivalent to a meal a day without harm  
46 Rock of the Otterkin is a perfect rock that can split open any shellfish resting on users belly
47 vision Sea Weed fills users dreams with views of ancient glories of the monster empire for life if smoked or chewed
48 Crown of the Octopus bonds to the wearers head advising them on pleasing the elder gods and waving its tentacles to emphasize the wearers emotions, on death it drops of becoming ivory
49 Beak of the Squid will fuse to the wearers face giving them a d6 bite 
50 Snake Beard is jeweled ornamental beard of many snakes if stuck on face will bond and come to life will bite for 1hp damage and poison, will bite enemies of the scaly gods or old ones wearing it, reverts to jewelry on death 
51 Squid Wand shoots a slimy squid up to 10" a d100 charges
52 Seed of the Sea Fort if planted on a beach grows into a castle made of sand and coral with a aquatic entry, gate house, keep, two crabmen butlers and a giant crab guard
53 Starfish Wand can summon starfish within 10" a d100 charges
54 Clam Bands a mother of pearl wrist band can turn user into a giant clam and back once per day 
55 Pearl of the Dragon allows user holding it to speak to sea dragons
56 Vial of the Sea a brass bottle that can produce a dozen gallons of sea water a day
57 Pearl of Dragon Mist if cast into the sea a elder dragon turtle arises and breathes fog covering a d6 miles diameter across area
58 Bones of Dagon these ancient bones can be burned and summons the fish god Dagon to appear to hear requests from his worshipers
59 Dragonscale Armour as chainmail but as light as a shirt, no movement mods and works in water
60 Trident Weed if wrapped around your trident prongs makes next hit cause bleeding 1hp/round for ten minutes, only works with tridents
61 Seaweed Wik will attach to skin giving wearer luxurious long seaweed hair
62 Cursed Anchor Stone to replace a norma stone, crew will not notice but makes navigation harder, attracts monsters and bad weather,  most weih several hundred pounds and have carvings of fishmen rituals and gods which cursed sailors don't notice
63 Altar of the Sea Gods is a 500 pound green stone carved with ritual scenes will add +1 to casting priest levels if used in spell casting, some include holes for carrying poles to be inserted 
64 Nautilus Helm is a shell if worn, tentacles will hang from the edges and the helm warns of threats 360 degrees and can be used to adjust wearers buoyancy at will 
65 Flying Fish Darts come in a seaweed bag with 2d6, they are dried but come to life if pulled out of bag, can be thrown as darts but range is 10" with no range or cover penalties on hit rolls as living missiles self guided
66 Throwing Star Fish come in a seaweed bag with d6, they are dried but come to life if pulled out of bag,  if they hit target they cling and bite for a point of damage each round for ten rounds then drop off and crawl away
67 Pearl of Monster Dreaming lets you see visions of kaiju dreamings if held while sleeping
68 Seaweed Seeds if scattered in water grow a thick kelp forest over a 30" diameter area good for eating and making nets useless
69 Net of the Sea Lord is a living net kept in brine will grapple a hit target and strangle them, victim needs to save or be choked each round only works on man or dolphin sized creatures or smaller 
70 Tentacle Wand sprouts a 3" tentacle that will grapple a man sized target if they fail a save, also good for grabbing things or swinging d100 charges, on charge per use
71 Love Squid is a fish person sex toy that sucks their genitals stimulating milt and egg production, some humans like them too
72 Sea Goat Milk kept in a rigid pod for long life often found in seaweed bag of d6 pods. Also in manatee, whale, sealion and dolphin varieties
73 Mermaid Mirror makes user seem much more atractive than they are, though some made for fishman standards of beauty
74 Tusk of Sea Monster has scrimshawed designs of horrible beasts, if held will dream of sea monsters and attractive mermaid love which is preferable to actual love from own kind
75 Stuffed Mermaid usually made from a fish tail sewed to half a monkey but cursed so as to come to life on a full moon and kill, many come in a display case they can easily escape
76 Shrunken Human Heads once a day will answer three yes/no questions if asked based on own knowledge, shaman make them by binding human souls and use to learn about humans
77 Monster Spawn a organic sac if opened is full of eggs that hatch into various monsters if sprinkled in sea
78 Ink Squid is carried to make a 1" cloud of ink in water or to write or tattoo with, likes to be kept damp or hibernates in cocoon
79 Tatoo Tools are self inking tools that work even underwater, wrapped in fish leather bundle
80 Eye of the Old Ones seems to be a huge eyeball like gem on a gold chain lets starspawn of the deep see your actions, if pleased will send wearer dreams and gifts
81 Lucky Human Hand will store a 1st level cleric spell of any evil sea god
82 Dagger of Sacrifice will send essence of the victim to the elder gods who relish devouring the soul. Such a sacrifice will never be resurrected or reincarnated
83 Flying Fish Wings if strapped on allow wearer to glide for one round when surfacing, allowing them to land on a human boat deck
84 Sargassum Seed grows giant seaweed with tree trunk like proportions that will trap a ship even lifting it out of water if planted underneath
85 Shield Gum if applied to shield makes 1in6 weapons that miss the defender stick to the shield, gum lasts one day often comes in sea shell applicator with a d6 doses
86 Coral Seed if implanted in skin covers in several inches of calcium all over adding +d3 to AC, takes a d6 months to grow` 
87 Fish Wand shoots a wet fish 10" with a d100 charges, for pet treats or humiliating enemies, tends to hit victims in the face
88 Trident of Mammal Slaying +2 of any mammal and can detect nipples within 3"
89 Kraken Eggs come in string bag of a d4, will hatch into horrible evil krakens, often planted in cave grottos for cultists to use as a god, take decades to reach full size
90 Ring of Air Swimming allows wearer to swim in the air instead of walking or crawling, can float 1" above the ground, doesn't help fish folk breath air only move
91 Bubble Helm is a organic bubble that fits over the head and shoulders of a marine creature and contains water for them to breathe allowing them to stay on land for six hours, even amphibians find more comfortable using this as it keeps them hydrated 
92 Bolo Jelly comes in a water tight pod, throw up to 3" ata target and victim takes 2d4 stinging damage if unarmoured and save or be paralysed for a d4 hours, if completely covered in armoured suit victim unharmed. Fish folk are imune to handling the jelly, humans need at least a gauntlet
93 Blowfish are throwable spiny fish that if hit the victim saves or is poisoned. If dried and dead the save is +2, usually they are kept in salt water and can be carried in air a few hours
94 Blowfish Grenades are a breed of deep sea blowfish that if thrown above sea level explode, inflicting 2d4 to all in 1" blast radius and save vs poison or die. Require fresh salt water to store
95 Eelorang is a throwable huge eel that bites a struck target for a d6 but if misses will fly back into hand of the thrower to be used next round. Eel requires fresh water but can tolerate being above water a few hours. The owner must tame the eel with treats and practice or it bites the handler
96 Shark Stomach Sack appears to hold only 10lb but will streach to hold 100lb so be careful ofering goods by the bagload trading with fish folk
97 Embrace of the Sea is a wearable prosthetic that allows fish men to impregnate human females with fish hybrid spawn
98 Angler Fish Husband is a small ugly fish that will fuse to your flesh but give extra eyes and can keep watch while you sleep alerting you to surprises 
99 Seaweed Coat will bond to wearer and grow providing +1AC and can be used to flavour food
100 Tentacle of the Kraken is a 3 yard tentacle which will fuse to the wearer and gives them +1 attack inflicting a d4 or a grapple attack. Has evil mind of own so may grope others or grab others belongings. On death it drops of and can bond to another

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

In the works

So a bit of a update on some plans and projects. My brother in Western Australia is getting married so I have a trip and will get to hang with my niece and her hubbie who play games. Lots of medical stuff last few months to deal with but my lifestyle amendments seem to be mostly working but I need to get out more and make more new friends in Sth Australia. Not getting much response for regular gaming.

Have been shopping for a net pc tower Ive been saving for on my interstate work trips - should hopefully sort something next week with a printer and scanner a bit later. Hopefully I will get started with a artwork a day project for the first month as I haven't done much for a while. Very inspired by book toybox time machine of retro style faux toy ads. Seen another couple of books of adult film posters and a blaxploitation poster book i would like to get.

Im hoping to get more serious with design and layout and illustration which Im a bit rusty on. Hoping to do more work on my books and some work with others. I used to work on lots of periodicals for unis, graffiti stuff, zines and comics so Ive been wasting my skills mostly. Will set up a donor box and a paerton page, even if its to enjoy works of Dyson and paperspencils.com and some artists I like.

I made a format for 1 a4 sheet double sided zine with map one side and notes on other that folds into a small booklet. I could do one a month. Could also do some hand done maps and d100 requests and a monthly compilation book of old tables too. I wont stop doing this blog or freebies.

My ongoing book projects aimed at commercial quality release include:

Redbrick Dungeon Zone - been pottering away at this for over five years. Doesn't need lots of work.

Hell The Spiral Path - probably about 40% done and some contributions from others. Basically a procedural generated hellcrawl that plays differently every time and lets the DM be lazy.

Xor which Im mostly writing up spells now and some character gen stuff and hopefully will be ready to edit in a few months. As long as dont get carried away and try and rewrite the Basic redbook or something. There is a substantial section by some other bloggers too.

Have had requests for Planet Psychon and a version of my Homebrew Players book with some of my campaign would be nice too. Lots of people were keen on my road war compilation but as little chance of me running it motivation not there at the moment. I was given some amazing art to use but It wasn't quite the mood I intended mostly. I like gonzo with a straight face and my roadwar setting is intended to be more gritty. It Isn't gamma world and has more in common with Cyberpunk and Mad Max. I enjoy the look of MCC but it isn't quite the feel I want but I will see.

As far as blogging goes I am trying to get through my list of old projects in my drafts list or stillborn posts as I call them.

80s DnD Hell - summarising Ed Greenwood's hell articles and monster books as a helpful guide. I just bound a copy of them for my use and this will be coming soon. The Jusges Guild versions of Dante's hell and modern versions worth a mention too. My own hell is pretty different and inspired by medieval art more than literary ones.

d100 Amazon tribes almost done after six months

A magic Item post which I've over written and the remaining 80 or so entries will be time consuming and Im not in a position to use it. I seem to come and go with interest in magic items. Ive made up so many and used so few.

I started writing up a pantheon for my Exile Island setting but I fell into old habits with pantheon design trying to make them too orderly and similar to old work. Possibly will scrap and start again. Have lots of sketches of the setting I could work on too.

I have a list of about 200 blogs on my to do list but after Xor and Hell Finished I would like to play with a setting based on a cosmic tree full of fayfolk, talking animals and divine beings.

Some of my ideas for compilations of past blogs include my dnd space patrol setting, exile island wilderness guide, shadelport city guide, my various dungeon guides and other.

I also want to scan maps from at least 4 settings I developed in 80s and 90s. Lots of old content in two 40 litre tubs of game notes half including lots of superhero stuff.

My main things holding me back from doing things properly will be editing and some awkward issues surrounding that and possibly licensing requirements for the commercial stuff. If I can make a bit of money I can pay some artists too.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Cthulhu Pulp Metropolis Decopunk Image Dump #2

So since I started this setting Decopunk the term has been increasingly used. I seem to often get an interest in things slightly ahead of the curve. Today a few links to lots of films. Also Kim Newman did a good Metropolis Superman mash up short story which might have been in Famous Monsters of Film Land but i'm not sure. It is better than the Superman-Metropolis Comic by DC anyhow. I've been digging and filing more stuff so here is some of my shiny streamlined booty.

Part of the point of the setting is a celebration of silent and early SF and Supernatural genre films.

Retro Films
Russian SF 1929 Some great city scenes and cars

Russian SF 1924 Aelita Queen of Mars

Things to Come (I use as 20th c history plus deco tanks)

Just Imagine - I use this a bit for america

Metropolis - I use this for central Europe 2020

Woman on Der Moon

Der Golem - good moody horror

Dr Caligari - good asylum horror - modern remake 2005

Original Caligari 1920

Call of Cthulhu

Algol - alien gives someone ultimate power

Nosferatu 1922

The Tunnel - boring but some good tech

I did eventually get the Agent13 novel from TSR but they didn't survive one read
I liked it but wished that all books in one volume
Read like Juve books but had some pulpy torture I wouldn't endorse for the kids
TSR Top Secret/SI Agent13 Sourcebook is a great pulp rpg book - one of best

This is a good genre article mentioning some books

Terminal for cable cars needed to reach higher city areas rapidly

I forgot what this film is called but I have been meaning to see it
The Shadow movie is pretty cool, one of the better pre modern hero movies and hundreds af shadow pulp images have great dilemma shots begging a story for inspiration. I quite like mens sweat mags and mars attacks for the pregnant with possibility story telling. Norman Saunders was a great.

Popular mechanics and lots of pulp mag covers are very inspirational.

Cars in metropolis not very futuristic but were some cars in later years with deco tear drop shapes that suit the setting. The above cars are nice especially the armoured one but both would make nice pulp hero cars.

Noir and deco go well together.
Lots of darkness and smoke and fog
Shiny reflective surfaces like cars, windows or water
Hardboiled citizens drink, smoke and imbibe drugs
Pre war fallout might have been like this
Actually a game set in pre fallout might be fun

Lots of great bits of building interiors even party shots or fim still can add to the deco universe. Something like this makes for a good important scene in a drama. Architecture and party images are good to use in game.

Nocturne city is a feature of Strange Aeons comics which i cant seem to find.
This page has a feature on it with a dead link but has it's own interesting stuff

Lots of industrial imagery for factory level and inside mighty machines

This chic deco adventuress is a great image - lots of good examples of world exploring women and female aviators.

Lots of great urban city scapes available especially nocturnal ones

Im still finding gold like this - ocational retro future cities
Idea that huge bridges, elevators and cablecars would be needed and that underground space would all be ocupied is amazing. Lots of exiting scenes could use these modes of transport.

TopTen and Tom Strong comics had lots of fantastic architecture

Some styling streamlined trains to look at too for inter city travel. You could probably lie and say it had a atomic boiler.

Plenty of mad science images in hollywood and interesting pulp heroes to steal from old serials and pulp

This shows the paradise of open public space located for the rich on topmost towers. I suspect suicides might be daily occurrence often predicted by market changes.

I dont know if this would be real but would suit my ww1 games pretty well. Make a great riot control vehichle

Some great cosplay out there - probably inspired by sky captain and the world of tommorrow. A bit mor diesel than decor but has many great scenes - shame they cut bits out that explained the story

This luxury complex seems a bit more west coast to me butt would be a good location

Of course factories and worker housing even lower than this. Pollution didnt seem to fit in these dreams. I guessing more areas like gardens for the rich would be sheilded by glass

Airships are a great part of the genre and military battles in aerial dreadnauts and carrier actions might be quite thrilling. Moorcock has wonderous bulletproof fabrics in warlord of the air and real weather might be a problem because it killed such dreams in reality.

This monstrosity might be good to feature in a adventure. Colossal mobile sea cities for the rich could be entertaining adventures and were featured in some novels.

I like the advanced tech here has retained victorian housing

The transport shown here is a great example. I imagine some would never visit lower levels and some spectacular stunts, chases and accidents could occur

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Troll kind for DnD

My idea of trolls is more like John Bauer, Moomintrolls and Brian Fraud. I do quite like RuneQuest trolls and always felt the green ones in dnd were a bit basic. In my setting they are heretic chaos trolls who took regenerative abilities but became insane living cancerous clones enraged with hatred.

In my setting gods and jotun or titans appeared first on the world and were at war long before man existed. Trolls descend from yotun or even spontaneously grew from the remains of the great giant whose corpse made the world (some say a dragon). Trolls evolved into many variants big and small and are the ancestors of dwarves, gnomes, halflings and elves. Humans came at the end of the dawn age to be servants of the gods.

The extent of this is to make trolls in my BX based game you can reskin the basic races

House Trolls = Gnome (stove trolls, barn trolls, cellar trolls, attic trolls)
Hedge Trolls = Halfling (hill trolls, bush trolls, garden trolls, marsh trolls)
Cave Trolls = Dwarfs (mountain trolls, pit trolls, bearded trolls, rock trolls)
High Trolls = Elves (arcane trolls, elder trolls, moon trolls, star trolls)

You can also reskin goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, ogres and giants

Trolls have tails which is the main identifying feature rather like a cow tail
Many have horns, tusks, huge teeth, hair, big eyes
Some have pointy ears, other are less visible or more human
Many have pot bellies and huge noses
Most are covered in fuzzy soft down, some are shaggy all over
Some have long hair from heads down to their waist
Most prefer to be naked but wear loin cloths, hats, fur capes, jewelry sometimes robes

High Trolls are most human or elf like, and even attractive at a glance but facial features are smoother and simpler

Trolls are slow to anger or react at times. They can remain still and hide for hours but can be angered by swearing, destruction of property or trespassers. Some are stupid greedy and evil. Most are harmless and possibly helpful but best avoided as some can be moody. The larger ones tend to be more belligerent.

As trolls don't like clothes or armour much but have basic armour like leather
They also heal a extra HP per level per day which makes them dangerous skirmishers

Trolls are more populous in the north replacing the ecology of elves and goblinoids in the frozen mountainous north. But trolls are returning. Occupying bridges, caves, ruins or old mines. They know they are ancient and kin to old magic of giants and gods. They regard many lands as theres since prehuman times. Huge trolls are more likely to think of lesser beings as food. Smallest trolls don't mind living near humans and humans might leave them offerings. House trolls live inside humans homes often helping humans out of sight. It is best to ignore them and leave them some food or milk out but exposing them might drive them away. They might be offended by bad language and beat a foul mouth child or drunken parent. Forest trolls might tolerate hunters but they also might expect good behaviour, respect to game and might punish swearing. Swearing is blasphemy to trolls, especially those mock the divine. Trolls dislike lightning or storms or the thought of the sky falling. Trolls worship elements, ancestors and titans of old. The know the gods of man and respect them but might not like them. Some gods drove trolls away to make room for man.

Trolls know elder magic and do make magic items, weapons and potions. Many trolls being long lived might adopt a magical character class. Troll language is deep, poetic, profound and long winded. Troll rock carvings can be found everywhere.

Are Trolls coming back. In recent years many elder races have returned and demihumans are common sights. Trolls have been seen in the wilds more and more and rural folk have increased contact. Some humans fear trolls and insist on hunting and killing them all as if they are all horrible killing machines. In these areas the nastier trolls swarm. Bad trolls might think some of their kin are soft but will avenge them and wage war on man happily. Most of the older demi human races no longer fight having battled too much to their mutual destruction long ago. This is why man rules now.

Random Trolls
d10 Size
1 Gnome - tiny trolls often live around humans or in houses helping their hosts
2 Goblin - small troll folk often live in caves or woods, quite shy and wary of man
3 Halfling - smaller friendly trolls mostly live in holes under hills in comfort
4 Dwarf - resilient fighting trolls at war with goblins and humanoids in underground places
5 Elf - high trolls, the arcane and mystical race who are masters of magic
6 Hobgoblin - humanoid also called troll men, compete with humans for room in wilds
7 Bugbear - large trolls but curious to occupy human lands like settling under a bridge
8 Ogre - dwell in caverns, hills, mountains hunting smaller creatures to eat
9 Giant - mostly roam mountains fighting and throwing rocks
10 Gargantuan - tend to resemble land features and many are hidden and sleeping in plain sight

d6 Troll Characteristics
1 Horns often ram or goat like or short lumps
2 Tusks sometimes curled and large or just short stubs
3 Teeth or fangs or a overbite, some have rows of blunt stubby grinding teeth
4 Pointed ears, huge ears, human ears, long hanging ears
5 Wooly long hair or shaggy hair all over
6 Webbed feet, bird feet, huge ugly human feet or goat hooves

d10 Troll Decor
1 Loincloth or rope belt
2 Ear or nose rings
3 Necklaces or teeth or gold rings or torc or beads
4 Arm rings or bangles
5 Ankle rings
6 Fur cape
7 Tattoos often runes or spirals
8 Hat or circlet or wreath
9 Trinkets of all kinds hanging from hair or straps
10 Tattered robes or shirt or vest often of fur

d6 Reactions
1 Hates humans and newborn races
2 Humans are food animals and fair game
3 Humans and their gods cant be trusted
4 Humans are best avoided
5 Humans can be dealt with
6 Humans need help and kindness like any animal

d6 Troll Magic (1in6 chance for smarter breeds)
1 Clerical magic, priest of a god or titan
2 Wizard spells with a ancient wooden book or spells on cave walls
3 Shaman deals with local spirits
4 Druidic priest deals with nature
5 Sorcerer has innate magic from bloodline
6 Alchemy knows several potion recipes or magic item formula

Trolls have often like to employ curses and one of these is to make men into trolls or taint them. Part troll children are often mighty and strange. If neglected by human kin will grow vindictive and dangerous. I will do troll mutations sometime.